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Real Honest To Goodness Orphan Train Sisters

The Hope of Azure Springs is a fictional story about former orphan train riders and what their experience may have… Read More

The Six Month Pause

If you’ve read The Hope of Azure Springs, and if you made it to my author’s note, then you know… Read More

Yours Truly, Thomas

I'm so excited for the new cover of my next book, Yours Truly, Thomas. I think it’ll be up on… Read More

Writing and Baby Chicks

We hatched baby chicks in an incubator this last month. We were only moderately successful but we all enjoyed the… Read More

Learning Backwards

We got our four year old a balance bike a few months ago and he flies around on it. It’s… Read More


Every school year we pick a theme and as a family we memorize it. It’s framed and sits on our… Read More

Embarrassing Moments

I have several stories from my childhood that my children think are so funny. Listening to them giggle over my… Read More

One of My Everyday Heroes

My oldest son Garret is almost a teenager. (How is that possible?) He’s a great kid that likes to pick… Read More

More Fun Feedback

Interesting to get feedback from different readers. Here's another interview! Name: Nancy Larimer Where are you joining us from? I… Read More

Ravioli and Writing

Just the other night I sat on a bar stool in my kitchen as I watched my children and husband… Read More

Another Fun Reader Interview

And here's another fun interview with one of my readers. Enjoy! Name: Trisha Robertson Where are you joining us from?… Read More

Reader Interview!

I’ve done lots of interviews lately and thought it’d be fun to let someone else have the experience, so I… Read More

Tyler Versus the Raccoon

We have a lazy tom cat that likes to sit on our back porch. He has a cushioned bench that… Read More

Greatest Writing Compliment EVER

I must warn you this post is going to be oddly vague and, for that I apologize, but there is… Read More


A few early copies of The Hope of Azure Springs are beginning to trickle out into the real world. It’s… Read More

Attention All Book Clubs

I LOVE book clubs. I’ve been in a few different ones over the years and not only did we enjoy… Read More

Subscribe Here!

I'm so excited to be putting together my first newsletter and I'd love it if you'd subscribe! As an added… Read More

Behind Every Good Book There is a Sister

My title might not actually be true but in my experience writers need sisters and I am blessed to have… Read More