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Let the Games Begin!

Where the Road Bends makes its way into the world on June 7th (yay). I’m so excited for this book… Read More

Hobby Farm Update

As many of you know, we have a very small hobby farm and it’s been a while since I’ve shared… Read More

2022 Goals

It’s a new year! It feels like every time I turn around a month has gone by and now another… Read More

Tips for New Writers

I often get emails and messages asking for advice for new and aspiring authors. I do my best to write… Read More

My Next Book’s Title

How long do I get to consider myself a newbie author? In my mind, I am brand new to this… Read More

One Month Birthday = Time for Trivia

A Lady in Attendance released June 1, 2021. In honor of its one month birthday, here’s some trivia! Gilbert’s name… Read More

A new book is coming!

For me this doesn’t feel like a new book because I wrote it so long ago (my books aren’t coming… Read More

Book Club Extras!

Book clubs hold a special place in my heart. When my husband was working on his doctorate I was often… Read More

Ten Books Full of HOPE

Life today looks very different from how it looked only weeks ago. If you’re like me (and my author friends)… Read More

Thoughts About Bravery

As a kid I thought the bravest people were those who did dangerous things and seemed unphased by it. I’m… Read More

The ABC’s of Azure Springs

Azure Springs is the location of both The Hope of Azure Springs and Yours Truly, Thomas. I have come to… Read More

A Smell, A Sound, A Memory

In Yours Truly, Thomas there is a scene that takes places at a community social. In this scene there’s a… Read More

Yours Truly, Thomas FAQ, Comments, and Observations (Caution: Spoilers)

Yours Truly, Thomas has been out for just under a month and in that time I’ve received a lot of… Read More

Yours Truly, Thomas is Here!

Yours Truly, Thomas has officially hit shelves! In my recent newsletter I asked for ideas of ways to celebrate this… Read More

Yours Truly, Thomas Trivia (No spoilers)

Release day for Yours Truly, Thomas is in less than two weeks. For those of you anxious to read this… Read More

Trailer for Yours Truly, Thomas

I'm so excited -- my publisher, Revell, has put out this great video trailer for my upcoming book, Yours Truly,… Read More

Things Worth Savoring

“I’m gonna grow up and I’m gonna move away and be a daddy.” My three-year-old says this almost every day.… Read More

How to Raise a Reader in 10 Easy Steps

1. Model reading- Whether you read on your phone, tablet, or in print let your kids know you are reading… Read More