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Restless Writer Syndrome

About: Very common among writers, particularly among those that are anxiously awaiting publication. Chronic: Can last for months or a… Read More

The Making of a Cover

Covers are so important. The way they look — the way they make us feel — can attract us to… Read More

Big news!

The Hope of Azure Springs was a one book deal. I didn’t expect more than that so I was nothing… Read More

A Lasting Bond

Are authors special? Not anymore than anyone else. They are normal people with hopes and fears and joys and heartaches.… Read More

Orange Rolls

I have a book that mentions orange rolls. It’s one of those manuscripts that I am still hoping makes it… Read More


I worry that sometimes people hear the beginning (because there’s still more to come) of my writing journey and think… Read More

Books and Babies

When I had my first baby twelve years ago (how did that happen?) I was so naïve. I’d been around… Read More

Good Clean Romance

Romance Writing Why do I write ("clean") romance (and what even is clean romance)? Here are a few reasons (Once… Read More

Old Things and Memories

My grandma died recently and since her passing there has been a lot of time spent clearing her house out.… Read More

More than Just Writing

The deeper I’ve gotten into the writing community the more I’ve realized that authors are regular people with regular interests… Read More