It’s a new year! It feels like every time I turn around a month has gone by and now another year. I used the word “years” in reference to covid not long ago and we all paused, amazed that it’s been so long. Who thought we would be saying “years” in reference to this pandemic?

I apologize to all of you for bringing up that dreaded sickness, but I do have a point! That plural “s” got me thinking about time and how it keeps going no matter what is happening around you. My oldest was fourteen when covid struck, my youngest was four and now they are sixteen and six.

This New Year is upon us and it will come and it will go no matter what occurs in life. I have found myself waiting for this all to pass. And I do hope it does! But I am learning that I have to live in the present no matter what I am going through.

And so for 2022 I have made a list of writing goals, family goals, and personal goals. But I think my main goal is to be present. To live more fully whatever is in my path, rather than waiting for it to pass.

I hope if nothing else these odd years have taught us that the little things matter. Thank you for being a part of my 2022 and for going on this writing journey with me.

What are your goals for 2022?

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