For me this doesn’t feel like a new book because I wrote it so long ago (my books aren’t coming out in the order I wrote them). I’m so thrilled that this June A Lady in Attendance will finally be in readers’ hands.

Here are a few of my favorite things about this book – There’s a woman with a secret (who doesn’t love a touch of mystery), a quiet hero (ah, the silent type), dentistry in the late 1800s (hey! I see you rolling your eyes but this book will show you that a dentist can be a sweet hero), and so much more.

Not only are the plot points and arcs ones I adore but the main male character is named Gilbert.

Funny story about this name choice. I was a huge Anne of Green Gables fan as a kid and always wanted to name one of my sons Gilbert. My husband wasn’t on board with this plan (to my great dismay). I decided to use Gilbert in this novel! My husband, like always, read an early draft.

Guess what he said?!!

“Gilbert isn’t actually a bad name.”

I about died! Of course after we were done naming children he would realize that Gilbert is actually a great name.

I hope as you read this much anticipated novel you come to love Gilbert and Hazel as much as I loved them while writing their story.

(You can preorder your copy here at

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