In Yours Truly, Thomas there is a scene that takes places at a community social. In this scene there’s a huge table full of food that the townspeople have brought to share. Penny, our leading lady, catches a whiff of the delicious aroma and she gets swept away by memories of food from her past.

In my own life I’ve felt those tender moments when something has brought back a happy memory that’s made my heart happy.

Some of my favorites include:

  • The smell of homemade bread can stop me dead in my tracks because I almost feel like a kid again. My mom loved making bread and she’d time it just right so it’d be hot out of the oven when we got home from school. I love this smell and all it does to me.
  • Fresh cut grass gives me all the happy summertime feels.
  • Sometimes when it’s really hot and I can hear the sound of a fan clicking as it spins I’m back at my grandparents home again sleeping on a cot with a fan above me. This doesn’t happen often but when it does I always keep my eyes closed and try to hold onto the feeling.
  • The smell of a brand new baby is something I wish I could bottle up and smell whenever I’m having an off day. I could hold a newborn resting on my chest with their downy head pressed against my cheek for the rest of my life and be content.
  • I found the cologne my husband wore when we were first dating and bought him some. I loved that the first few times he wore it I was transported back in time and almost felt like we were just a couple of young kids naïve about the world and just falling in love again.

What about you? What smells or foods bring back memories?

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5 thoughts on “A Smell, A Sound, A Memory

  1. I remember when you left for college, and I would be thinking of you and missing you, I would go into your empty bedroom and spray a little mist from a bottle of perfume that you had left behind. There was only a tiny bit left. I’m sure that I used up that little bit in no time at all, but it really reminded me of you.

  2. I love the smell of a new puppy, especially their breath. When I see a cute puppy, I really get baby fever like many mothers do with babies, but it’s an adorable puppy that does it for me. It makes me sad to think of never having a fresh puppy again, but there is a season to all things.

      1. HA HA! We have been working at getting rid of all of our animals for about 5 years now, until we are down to one old but sweet dog. We have always had 2 dogs at a time and a cat usually. Chet and I are not even cat people, but our kids loved them, so they were for them. Once we even had 3 Big dogs for 13 months when we pet sat for my brother while he and his wife were on a mission. Those were good times. That’s what we are hoping to go pet less for ourselves, so we have already decided no more. We are getting old too, so I would be sad to have the animal outlive us. I would love for your kids to come over any time though!

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