I LOVE book clubs. I’ve been in a few different ones over the years and not only did we enjoy talking about books but there was usually good food and great company. While my husband was working on his doctorate a group of the wives formed a book club. We’d meet once a month and often I wouldn’t get home until the wee hours of the morning. During those busy days that night away was a wonderful reprieve. Those memories have left a lasting mark on my heart.

We read some books that were so intriguing. I would have loved to have been able to ask the author why she wrote what she wrote.

Now here I am with my first book coming out in just over two months and it has me thinking are there book clubs that would want to pick my book? If there are, would they want to ask me questions? On the small chance that there may be I wanted to let you all know that if I could find a way I’d love to come to your book club if it’s close enough or skype in. Obviously I’d have to see if it fit in with my family schedule but I’d love to join you if I can.

(Just so you know, The Hope of Azure Springs has discussion questions right in the back of the book, so it’s ripe and ready for book club conversation!)

Does anyone else have favorite book club memories?

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