My title might not actually be true but in my experience writers need sisters and I am blessed to have multiple sisters. I remember feeling a little sheepish and silly admitting to anyone that I was trying to write a book. In fact I can remember lacing my fingers together because they were shaking so much when I told my family. I don’t know why I was so nervous. My family was nothing but supportive and encouraging.

So since I have lots of sisters and not enough worth writing blog posts about (unless you like hearing about laundry and packing school lunches). I decided to feature one of my sisters and with time I’ll post about the other awesome women in my life. Then you can feel like you know some of the people that helped make my novels a reality. And more importantly that helped me become who I am.

So today it is my pleasure to introduce you to my little sister, Leah. She’s actually only 13 months and 6 days younger. But I’ve always called her my little sister and I doubt that will ever change. As kids she was one of my best friends and also my rival. Now she’s just one of my best friends and rather than being a rival she encourages and supports me and I do my best to offer the same kind of love back.

There is no way to sum up Leah in just one blog post. So here are a couple stories just to help you paint a picture in your mind:

When we were little we lived on ten acres and had lots of animals. For a while we had goats and sheep. She fell in love with a blind sheep the neighbors had given us when the mother sheep rejected it. I loved the sheep too (there’s nothing like baby lambs). We’d take our goats and sheep for walks around the yard. We tried to teach them tricks and fed them way too many treats. Am I making us sound a little back woods? We totally were and it was the best childhood ever!

She could save her candy from the holidays forever. I kid you not she could have her candy last a whole year. As someone that ate mine in one night it was torture to see hers sitting there every day. One day I’d had enough and I stole a green skittle thinking she’d never notice. Minutes later she knew. I was punished and never touched her hoard of candy again. She’s still a saver.

We went to college together and even though I teased her relentlessly about it I loved that she would call me when she couldn’t figure something out. We had always needed each other and it was fun that at college she still did. Even if it meant running onto campus to teach her how to use a printer!

She has four kiddos now and a great husband. I watch her with them and I know she loves them. They keep her busy but we still find time to talk on the phone and meet up. I hear the love in her voice when she talks about her family and I feel so blessed to be connected to someone so fantastic. She’s the type of person that quietly inspires others.

In regards to writing. I often send her the roughest of rough drafts and she overlooks the grammar and typos and helps me see if I’m headed in the right direction. Sometimes we laugh about the manuscript or toss around farfetched plot ideas. Sometimes she tells me what I’m doing doesn’t work and I love that we are close enough that she can tell me that. It’s actually really, really fun working on my book projects with her.

I adore my sister. I also adore her brownies so when you are craving a sweet, delicious treat make these!

Leah’s Brownies

1 cup butter
4 eggs well beaten
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup cocoa
2 tsp vanilla

Melt Butter. Add beaten eggs and sugar. Mix. Add flour, cocoa, and vanilla and blend well. Put in 9 X 13 pan. Bake 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees.

You’ll never want box mix brownies again!

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2 thoughts on “Behind Every Good Book There is a Sister

  1. Is that Anthony in the picture? What a sweet post and you nailed it, she quietly inspires others! I’ll have to make those brownies when it isn’t 90 degrees!

    1. I’ve been told since that she actually modifies this recipe! So you might want to call her and ask how she does it. But we like even this basic recipe!!! She’s truly a great, great person.

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