The Hope of Azure Springs was a one book deal. I didn’t expect more than that so I was nothing but excited. My editor and I got to work polishing it up and things went along like scheduled.

Then we got talking about other books and ideas and she decided to take the book I wrote the summer of 2017 to committee. I didn’t realize I’d be just as nervous waiting for feedback on a second book as I was on the first but I was. They came back with a few requested changes. I’d done that before so I went to work. The next time they discussed the book they agreed to take it to the publication board.

Happy day! The Publication board loved it and offered me a two book deal. Neither of these two books will release for a while but they are in the works and I couldn’t be happier to be working with Revell again.

I am so excited to introduce you to these new characters and their stories. They are some of my favorites!

More details to come. . .

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2 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Congratulations Rachel. I can only imagine the lives that will be touched in special ways as we all get to read your books. I am very excited for you.

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