Where the Road Bends makes its way into the world on June 7th (yay). I’m so excited for this book and wanted to share my excitement with all of you by having a fun contest. Grab your bingo board (down at the bottom of this page), a copy of Where […]

As many of you know, we have a very small hobby farm and it’s been a while since I’ve shared about our animal adventures. Raccoons- We have two that are not pets, but that have taken to eating off our back porch. The kids call them No-Tail and Yes-Tao;, for […]

It’s a new year! It feels like every time I turn around a month has gone by and now another year. I used the word “years” in reference to covid not long ago and we all paused, amazed that it’s been so long. Who thought we would be saying “years” […]

I often get emails and messages asking for advice for new and aspiring authors. I do my best to write back, answer questions, and cheer everyone on (because camaraderie is fun, and it’s what I would have enjoyed as a newbie author). Here are a few tips that helped me […]

How long do I get to consider myself a newbie author? In my mind, I am brand new to this published author world, but the reality is I have four published novels and more in the works. I still feel like a little fish in a big pond (or however […]

A Lady in Attendance released June 1, 2021. In honor of its one month birthday, here’s some trivia! Gilbert’s name came from my love of Gilbert Blythe and desire to name one of my children Gilbert. I never got that chance, so I decided to name a character Gilbert! Originally […]

For me this doesn’t feel like a new book because I wrote it so long ago (my books aren’t coming out in the order I wrote them). I’m so thrilled that this June A Lady in Attendance will finally be in readers’ hands. Here are a few of my favorite […]

Book clubs hold a special place in my heart. When my husband was working on his doctorate I was often alone in the evenings. Having a list of book club books to read, gave those nights a purpose. My mind grew from the thought-provoking stories, my heart sighed over happy […]

Life today looks very different from how it looked only weeks ago. If you’re like me (and my author friends) you are spending more time indoors, less time with people, and on occasion you might feel a little discouraged. Some of us aren’t working, some are physically sick or sick […]

As a kid I thought the bravest people were those who did dangerous things and seemed unphased by it. I’m not ready to completely abandon that definition (there are super brave firefighters and mountain climbers) but I’ve also realized that my definition was severely lacking. In the past two weeks […]

Azure Springs is the location of both The Hope of Azure Springs and Yours Truly, Thomas. I have come to adore this tiny Iowa town that is full of heart and adventure, neighborly goodwill, and love. So I had some fun putting together an “ABC” list for Azure Springs! Hope […]

In Yours Truly, Thomas there is a scene that takes places at a community social. In this scene there’s a huge table full of food that the townspeople have brought to share. Penny, our leading lady, catches a whiff of the delicious aroma and she gets swept away by memories […]

Yours Truly, Thomas has officially hit shelves! In my recent newsletter I asked for ideas of ways to celebrate this book’s release. Some of my readers are so creative!!! I loved reading all the responses. Here’s how release day ended up going: Tyler snuck out for work letting me snooze […]

Release day for Yours Truly, Thomas is in less than two weeks. For those of you anxious to read this story here is a list of trivia to hold you over! I came up with the idea of utilizing the dead letter office when I was touring a historic post […]

“I’m gonna grow up and I’m gonna move away and be a daddy.” My three-year-old says this almost every day. It’s my fault because I reacted the first time so he keeps at it (he has one of those personalities). This new favorite statement of his is both a blessing […]

1. Model reading- Whether you read on your phone, tablet, or in print let your kids know you are reading a book. Let them see you get excited about it. Let them hear you say how good it is or what you’ve learned about it. Let them see you prioritize […]