Book clubs hold a special place in my heart. When my husband was working on his doctorate I was often alone in the evenings. Having a list of book club books to read, gave those nights a purpose. My mind grew from the thought-provoking stories, my heart sighed over happy endings, and I wept over the sad ones. Every month those meetings were a highlight. I would count down the days between meetings and every month we’d spend hours talking books and life. We all felt rejuvenated (despite the lack of sleep we’d get on those nights).

I’ve attended other book clubs too. I have been in ones with diverse age differences, backgrounds, and experience. What a gift it has been to gather with friends and discuss literature and everything it evokes.

As an author it’s my pleasure to not only pen stories that I hope are worth discussing, but to also give you a free guide for my latest- A Life Once Dreamed. This guide provides suggestions of extras to make your meetings a little extra special. It includes but isn’t limited to, discussion questions, games, a recipe, and an author interview. GET IT HERE!
Enjoy! And Happy Reading!!!

***As always if you’d like me to virtually pop into your book club let me know. If my schedule permits, I’ll be there.

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