Interesting to get feedback from different readers. Here’s another interview!

Name: Nancy Larimer

Where are you joining us from? I live in California.

Let’s have a few “get to know you” questions first!

How many books do you read on average a week? I read different amounts of books depending on the week.

Favorite genre? I like historical fiction.

Favorite childhood book? I like the Narnia series.

Favorite leading female of all time? Just not sure!

Favorite leading male? Tough questions, not sure on this one either!

What book would you love to spend a day inside of? I would like to spend time in Narnia. It seems like an interesting place.

Who are three of your favorite authors? I like Beverly Lewis, Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers.

How does your current reading look? I am reading The Mending, My Heart Belongs to Glenwood Springs, Faith in the Shadows. I want to read Letter to a Grieving Heart, The Hope Jar, The Prayer Coin, and Sons of Blackbird Mountain.

Let’s chat about The Hope of Azure Springs!

What drew you to the book? I liked the cover and the book looked interesting.

Without giving too much away, what scene is most memorable? I liked the scene in which Em goes to find her sister and the outcome that happens. I think Em is like me.

Who was your favorite character? I really liked Em. She has so much character, love and Christian values. I was touched by her character.

What surprised you about this read? I really liked learning about the plight of the orphans during the orphan train time. It was so difficult and hard for Em to be separated from her sister. She was told by her mother to watch out for her sister before she died.

Would you read future books by this author? I would really like to read future books by Rachel Fordham. She is a good writer and I hope her books are successful.

Anything else you’d like to share about your reading experience? Rachel’s books are well described and written. You can actually picture what is happening in the story.

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