A Lady in Attendance released June 1, 2021. In honor of its one month birthday, here’s some trivia!

  1. Gilbert’s name came from my love of Gilbert Blythe and desire to name one of my children Gilbert. I never got that chance, so I decided to name a character Gilbert!
  2. Originally the book did not have the reformatory scene at the beginning and I held the secret of her past for longer. Ultimately, I decided it was better to let readers know and experience the holding of that secret with her. I’m so glad the prologue is there, I loved giving readers a glimpse into the reformatory.
  3. The red ear of corn tradition is based on a real tradition practiced at many corn huskings. Writing the red ear into the storyline was sooo much fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
  4. Originally Nathaniel’s family was much slower to take her back into their lives, but I decided the book had so much happening at the end, this plot line needed to be toned down. To do this I changed things so that Nathaniel’s mom had already read the journal.
  5. After they search Hazel’s old house for clues, there was originally a scene where they are stopped by policeman. It was a tense scene, but ultimately didn’t progress the story at all so out it went.
  6. I laughed out loud when Hazel slapped Eddie. I didn’t see it coming and even though it was kind of a feisty move, I left it in and still think he deserved it!
  7. I intentionally did not tell Eddie’s past and why he had a falling out with his father. I felt like the forgiveness arc was better not knowing. The point is that his father would have forgiven him no matter what. Plus, I think it might be fun to write Eddie’s story someday and those details could come out later, but who knows if that will happen.
  8. My husband is a dentist and one of his reasons for going into the field was because he realized he could be an artist and make small sculptures that made life better for people all day long.
  9. This book originally had an epilogue. It took place a few years after this story ends and the couple share a funny moment with their feisty red-headed daughter. It was sweet, but didn’t really tie up any loose ends, so it was left out.
  10. All my nieces and nephews names were snuck into this book!

What questions do you have about A Lady in Attendance?

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One thought on “One Month Birthday = Time for Trivia

  1. I wondered if you were inspired to name Gilbert because of Gilbert Blythe! I approve! 😉 The red ear of corn part was one of my very favorites! Also, Hazel slapping Eddie was awesome. I think getting his story would be really interesting!

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