Every school year we pick a theme and as a family we memorize it. It’s framed and sits on our mantle. Once the year ends it’s moved to a shelf in the basement and is replaced by a new theme. Our 2018/2019 theme is “Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you others can see Him.” C.S. Lewis

I LOVE it and truly hope I can focus on the reasons I do what I do and I hope my children and husband can as well.

I’ve always loved quotes. Words are so powerful! Any author or speaker that can pack a message into a few short memorable lines that I can put in my toolbox of strength has my respect. I have SO many favorites (seriously, so many) but here are a few I love:

“Mama told me to make a special point to remember the best times of my life. There are so many hard things to live through, and latching on to the good things will give you strength to endure, she says. So I must remember this day. It is beautiful and this seems like the best time to live and the best place”
~ Nancy E. Turner, These Is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901

“Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs.”
~ Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

“If you are lazy, and accept your lot, you may live in it. If you are willing to work, you can write your name anywhere you choose.”
~ Gene Stratton-Porter, A Girl of the Limberlost

“I looked at his grave and, with tears in my eyes, I voiced these words: ‘You were worth it, old friend, and a thousand times over.'”
~ Wilson Rawls, Where the Red Fern Grows

Oh goodness, there are so many more! What are some of your favorite quotes?

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2 thoughts on “Quotable

  1. Those are great quotes! Thanks for sharing! I replied to your email and we had a nice chat- thanks for that! I finally remembered to check out this post, and am commenting as promised! Thanks for sharing!

  2. “Em learns to do more than survive-she learns to really live despite hard times. I had to discover that again when I went through my own trial.” Your quote and a beautiful reminder that trials will come. Really living through them will cause deeper love and growth. Thanks for sharing openly about who you are.

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