I’ve done lots of interviews lately and thought it’d be fun to let someone else have the experience, so I sent this “interview” out to several readers with this note: “Follow the directions but don’t stress about any of it. it’s just for fun!!! Answer anything you want however you want!”

Becca was the first one I got back and thought would make a fun blog post. Here’s what she said: This was fun! And admittedly challenging! lol Thanks 🙂

Name: Becca Weidel
Where are you joining us from? Newfane, NY

First, let’s have a few “get to know you” questions.

How many books do you read on average a week? Lately 3 to 4
Favorite genre? Historical fiction
Favorite childhood book? Boxcar Children
Favorite leading female of all time? Marty Davis (from Love Comes Softly)
Favorite leading male? Clark Davis (from Love Comes Softly)
What book would you love to spend a day inside of? Well, I kind of feel like I already spend the day in whatever book I’m reading lol. I think I would have to go with the Love Comes Softly series. I love the time period and how even though it can be cheesy at times, it shows what a good, godly family looks like even when they’ve been thrown together due to heartache.
Who are three of your favorite authors? This is NOT an easy question! I think I have to go with Janette Oke, Terri Blackstock, and Kristy Cambron. (I know, a little diverse in the genres.)
How do you pick what to read next? Lately, it’s the order I have them for reviews, but what I pick often depends on my mood. I’m not afraid of reading a book that emotionally wrecks me, but I often need a few “pick-me-ups” afterward.
Name two books on your keeper list. Sorry, one is a collection and that’s my Janette Oke books because they came from my grandma who passed away when I was a teenager. I even have duplicates of a few of them (mostly because she bought me a copy too), but I can’t part with any of them. The other would be The Hidden Side by Heidi Chiavaroli because I LOVED the book, and it was my first author interview and giveaway I was able to have on my blog. Plus, it’s signed by Heidi.

Let’s chat about The Hope of Azure Springs!

What drew you to the book? Honestly, I saw the cover (yes, I confess I judged a book by the cover first lol), and thought it would place the book in a setting that would interest me. Then when I read the blurb on it I knew it was one I would enjoy.
Without giving too much away, what scene is most memorable? When Caleb realizes and then explains to Eliza why she’s not the girl for him.
What emotions did you feel while reading? Oh boy, a whole bunch! Hope, apathy, sadness, mourning, defensiveness, happiness, anger, compassion, love, etc. It was certainly a book that made you feel!
Who was your favorite character? This is a tough one actually, the easy “popular” answer would be Em, but I also really thought the twins were adorable, and their quick acceptance and attachment to Em made my heart happy.
Which character was the most like you? Em. I was bullied as a kid, and if I’m being honest some of that pain never leaves you. That desire to be wanted and accepted, and the fear of being mocked always seems to linger. I’m good at putting a smile on my face, but I won’t lie that I’m still afraid of rejection.
Do you have a favorite quote from the book? “Beauty is something we get to define. We may not see it right away, but when we do, we have trouble even remembering the other definition. We wonder how we were ever so misled. All we can see is the one person who defines it for us.”
What surprised you about this read? I knew going in that it was a debut novel, but it read like it was written by a well-seasoned author.
Would you read future books by this author? Absolutely!
Anything else you’d like to share about your reading experience? There is so much I could say about this book! I think one of the things I really love about it is that Em isn’t a beauty queen. Her character was written beautifully in a way that showed how her inner beauty is what made her the person she was. While it was painful so see how some treated her based on her appearance, it also held realism in that often it takes a while to see the real beauty of a person, and it has nothing to do with their outward appearance. It’s a message girls need to understand in today’s magazine/photoshop/social media bombardment. The world may very well look at how you look, but God looks at the heart, and anyone worth your time should do the same.

Becca Weidel, of TheBeccaFiles.com blog

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