About: Very common among writers, particularly among those that are anxiously awaiting publication.

Chronic: Can last for months or a lifetime (I hope not)

Diagnosis: A friend or spouse will likely notice how often your train of thought wanders to bookish things. They’ll hear you counting down until release day and bemoaning the fact that it’s still February and February is supposed to be the shortest month of the year. Usually diagnosed by someone else but if you are in touch with yourself you might be able to self-diagnose.

Symptoms: Lack of sleep. Trouble working on new projects. A little crazy talk here and there.

Treatments: No known cure. (Just kidding!)

I’ve self-diagnosed myself with Restless Writer Syndrome. I’ve been thinking and working on my debut for so long now I’m like a woman that’s overdue with a baby. I’m anxious and excited and nervous. I’m guessing I’m not alone here. (Come on raise your hands. No judgment!). I love the scene in Anne of Green Gables (the one with Megan Fellows) where she opens her books. It’s just a moment of joy! I’m really looking forward to that. But sometimes even though I see my book up for pre-order it still seems unreal. I wonder if this book “baby” will really ever come!!!

Any other Restless Writers out there? Let’s connect so we don’t feel so alone. If we were in the same room we could have a good cry together! Waiting is so hard.

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