Enjoy a few of the recent endorsements and reviews of Rachel’s work:

Yours Truly, Thomas

“With engaging characters, and a charming setting, this is a story you won’t want to miss. I highly recommend this fantastic, stand-alone story to anyone looking for a sweet romantic story to while away the hours.”
~Joy of Reading (https://joyofreadingweb.wordpress.com/2019/07/02/yours-truly-thomas-by-rachel-fordham/)

“This was an absolutely spectacular book. I devoured it from cover to cover in one evening. Yes, I stayed up all night just to finish this beautiful tale of love, intrigue, mystery, family, secrets, and honesty. Author Rachel Fordham has a talent which can only be given by our maker. Her skill is heavenly. I rated this literary jewel 5 out of 5 stars.”
~Abba’s Prayer Warrior Princess (https://abbasprayerwarriorprincess.com/2019/07/02/yours-truly-thomas-by-author-rachel-fordham/)

“I simply cannot get over how effortlessly lovely this book is! Yours Truly, Thomas was a like a breath of fresh air! Not only was this plot completely captivating, but the characters in this story are heartwarming and genuine with deeply felt emotions that leave the pages and settle on your heart.”
~Bringing up Books (https://bringingupbooks.wordpress.com/2019/07/08/yours-truly-thomas-by-rachel-fordham/)

“Rachel writes the sweetest, most wholesome stories chock full of hope and healing! I look forward to see what story this author releases next”
~For the Love of Christian Fiction (https://fortheloveofchristianfiction.blogspot.com/2019/07/review-yours-truly-thomas)

“I loved the theme of forgiving others and forgiving yourself that ran through the story. I enjoyed how the author brought this to a realistic and satisfying conclusion. I don’t want to spoil anything, so let me just say that I found the ending super sweet and a super “Aww!” moment.”
~Stories by Gina (https://storiesbygina.wordpress.com/2019/07/22/book-review-yours-truly-thomas-by-rachel-fordham/)

“I was drawn into the book from the very beginning. I felt like the characters were my friends. I was truly invested in their stories. The main character, Penny, was such a loving person that you could not help but want everything to work out for her.”
~Thoughts of a Reader (https://luv2read.wordpress.ncsu.edu/2019/07/02/review-of-truly-yours-thomas-by-rachel-fordham/)

“I recently had the pleasure of reading this lovely historical romance novel. Inspired on a post office tour, author Rachel Fordham was intrigued by the dead letter office, which is where mail went that couldn’t be deciphered. Clerks in the dead letter office would open the letters and search for clues as to where they should go. If sufficient clues were found, the letters could be forwarded along. If not, they were tossed out. Since these days, it is a federal offense to read someone else’s mail, even if you do work at the post office, this process was fascinating to me as well! It was through the intrigue of the dead letter office that the idea for “Yours Truly, Thomas” was born. In this novel, Penny, who has a deep affection for written correspondence, works in the dead letter office in Washington DC. One day, a letter comes across her desk from a man named Thomas to a woman named Clara, and Penny’s heart aches for the tender emotion he expresses. She longs to see Thomas and Clara have a happy ending and goes above and beyond to try to see that through. Meanwhile, Thomas is running from his past and ends up in Azure Springs, Iowa. Fans of Ms. Fordham will recognize that as the city where her debut novel takes place. Though both novels are stand-alone, we see a few recurring characters and I was ever so glad to see them again!”
~Musings by Erin (https://musingsbyerin.blogspot.com/2019/06/book-recommendation-yours-truly-thomas)

“I want to live in Azure Springs with the friends we get to meet in Rachel Fordham’s Yours Truly, Thomas. This story is a cup of romance, a pinch of mystery, and a savory plot seasoned with memorable characters (including a wayward dog) all trying to find their way in worlds turned upside down. Yours Truly, Thomas is the perfect read to lift your spirits. It did mine!”
~Jane Kirkpatrick, award-winning author of Everything She Didn’t Say

Yours Truly, Thomas is a beautiful love letter of forgiveness and redemption penned into a story I couldn’t put down.”
~Natalie Walters, author of Living Lies

“A deeply satisfying romance that will make you believe in the power of hope and second chances.”
~Jennifer Beckstrand, author of Home on Huckleberry Hill

“Set in the beloved world of Azure Springs, Yours Truly, Thomas is a charming and wistful story of a young man who pours out his regrets, hopes, and dreams in letters that will never be delivered. When Penny, an employee at the dead letter office, reads the letters, she’s captivated and longs to help. What follows is a journey of love and healing, told with beautiful skill that will tug at readers’ hearts, reminding us that the rewards of faith, kindness, and love are sweet indeed.”
~Heather B. Moore, USA Today bestselling author

“A tender story of finding courage to follow one’s heart, letting go of past pain, and the healing power of redemption.”
~Donna Hatch, award-winning romance author

“Reminiscent of Grace Livingston Hill’s enchanting novels filled with adorable heroines and sweet love stories, Yours Truly, Thomas is a pure and simple romance sure to delight readers.”
~Dawn Crandall, award-winning author of The Everstone Chronicles series

“Rachel Fordham’s Yours Truly, Thomas is a love story to cherish and make you believe in the healing power of love. This is a story to hold to your heart and reread again and again.”
~Regina Scott, award-winning author

“Gentle and inviting as a summer breeze, this endearing book is sure to coax smiles and happy tears from every reader. Fans of historical romance will find within its pages all they hope for in a story from beginning to end.”
~Amber Lynn Perry, author of the Daughters of His Kingdom series

“Faithful readers of Tracie Peterson or Karen Witemeyer will quickly be enveloped in the elegance and beauty of Yours Truly, Thomas. As an avid historical romance reader, I was guilty of even letting my coffee grow cold because I didn’t want to put this novel down (and that is no small thing)! An endearing story with characters you’ll instantly love, this is one you’ll revisit time and again. An instant historical romance classic!”
~Jaime Jo Wright, Christy Award-winning author of The Curse of Misty Wayfair and The House on Foster Hill

“Fresh and uplifting, Fordham’s newest novel delivers a tender love story centered on a series of letters and the hopeless romantic who stumbles on them. From the dead letter office to the charming small town of Azure Springs, the heroine takes readers on her impulsive yet romantic journey to find answers for a stranger–and her own future. Yours Truly, Thomas weaves a unique tale of two people who had reached a dead end only to find there may be more ahead for them both.”
~Joanna Davidson Politano, author of A Rumored Fortune

Yours Truly, Thomas delivers a sweet and appealing romance with a healthy dose of humor. Rachel Fordham’s intriguing characters grapple with grief and guilt and becoming new people, which adds depth and heart to this warm story. Pour yourself your favorite beverage and prepare to get lost in this delightful story.”
~Sarah Sundin, award-winning and bestselling author of The Sea Before Us and The Sky Above Us

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The Hope of Azure Springs

“With unusual charm and wit, Rachel Fordham opens the doors to Azure Springs, a place as memorable as the people who inhabit it — namely the unique Em, a hero of a sheriff, and an assortment of heart-tugging, endearing townsfolk. A memorable story of faith, family, and happy endings.”
~Laura Frantz, author of The Lacemaker

“The Hope of Azure Springs is full of love and laughter, hope and happy endings. This delightful book about the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love will keep you turning pages until the very end. After you read Rachel Fordham’s satisfying story, you’ll want to give the world a hug.”
~Jennifer Beckstrand, author of A Courtship on Huckleberry Hill

“A tender story about loss, life, and the beauty that lies within each of us.”
~Stacy Henrie, USA Today bestselling author and RITA award finalist

“Authentic. Strong. Memorable. The Hope of Azure Springs and its refreshingly realistic heroine will remain in readers’ hearts long after they’ve reached the stirring conclusion. With eloquently drawn scenes that will tug at a reader’s heart and a beautifully redemptive love story, Rachel Fordham’s debut offers a tender look at the meaning of beauty and self-worth.”
~Joanna Politano, author of Lady Jayne Disappears

“As The Hope of Azure Springs unfolds, readers will find a well thought out and intricately put together love story about an uncommon heroine. Fans of Melissa Jagears and Jane Kirkpatrick will enjoy Rachel Fordham’s books now and for years to come.”
~Dawn Crandall, author of the award-winning series The Everstone Chronicles

“You will love this story which is filled with all the elements you want in a historical romance – growth in the characters, suspense, adventure a few chuckles and by the end (for me at least) many tears. This is one book you want to read!”
~Laura Davis, InterviewsAndReviews.com.

“This is a cast haunted by the bittersweet memory of those who have died before, and while there is loss there is a delicate balance of hope under the story’s skin.” AllAboutRomance.com.

And HERE are some interviews with Rachel!

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