Life today looks very different from how it looked only weeks ago. If you’re like me (and my author friends) you are spending more time indoors, less time with people, and on occasion you might feel a little discouraged. Some of us aren’t working, some are physically sick or sick at heart. This new challenge is hard and the grief so many feel is real, but there is HOPE. It is found in the phone calls we make to our loved ones, in the mornings when we wake up to sunshine and birds, and it can even be found in something as simple as a book.

So, we’ve put together a list of books to inspire, cheer, and brighten your day as you navigate this unusual time in history. Step into the pages, learn from these fictional characters, and escape to faraway places. And above all else enjoy the sweetness of HOPE.

Without further ado…Books featuring hope (in no particular order):

  1. The Printed Letter Bookshop– Katherine Reay

Three women–seemingly at the end of their stories–find love, friendship, hope, and new beginnings at the Printed Letter Bookshop.

  1. One More River to Cross– Jane Kirkpatrick

When faced with adversity, these 1844 pioneers supported each other and they made it through. We will too!

  1. The Hope of Azure Springs– Rachel Fordham

Em finds hope despite her circumstances as she learns that life is about living, not merely surviving.

  1. The Dating Charade– Melissa Ferguson

Laughter ends up being good medicine for both Cassie and Jett as they navigate life’s unexpected curveballs, ultimately leading to hope–together!

  1. A Mosaic of Wings– Kimberly Duffy

A driven entomologist–faced with impossible choices–discovers that love, truth, and hope are worth any sacrifice.

  1. Secrets and Suitors Joanna Barker

Faced with family secrets, deceit, and unrequited love, a young woman learns to trust her heart and find hope in the future.

  1. Finding Lady Enderly– Joanna Politano

Raina learns that no matter how tangled, there is always hope for our stories to be redeemed, even in our darkest moment.

  1. Where the Stars Meet the Sea– Heidi Kimball

A woman deprived of freedom, a man with a painful past—both set free by hope and a love strong enough to heal.

  1. An Uncommon Woman Laura Frantz

A cord of three strands is not easily broken…this hope is all she has.

  1. As High as the Heavens– Kate Breslin

It’s war in 1918, and Evelyn cannot forgive herself for sins of the past, but hope is reawakened when she finally comes to believe God’s mercy and love are unconditional.

I’ve linked to Amazon so you can easily read more about these lovely books. But I’d also like to suggest you check with your local independent bookstore if you consider buying any of these titles. Your purchase will bring hope to someone else as well as yourself. Our small bookstore owners do us such a wonderful service and now is the time to show them some love.

What books have left you not only entertained but buoyed up and encouraged?

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One thought on “Ten Books Full of HOPE

  1. Camron Wright’s books. The Rent Collector especially. I loved the way I learned that there are people that live in garbage dumps. And they’re able to be happy! And The Orphan Keeper as well.

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