Azure Springs is the location of both The Hope of Azure Springs and Yours Truly, Thomas. I have come to adore this tiny Iowa town that is full of heart and adventure, neighborly goodwill, and love. So I had some fun putting together an “ABC” list for Azure Springs! Hope you enjoy it, and comment to add any new ones you think of!

Azure Springs- The fictional location for both The Hope of Azure Springs and Yours Truly, Thomas.

Beauty- Something we all have to learn to define for ourselves (ask Caleb, he learns all about it).

Caleb- Handsome sheriff from The Hope of Azure Springs.

Dead Letter office- Penny works here for three years as she struggles to pay the bills.

Em- Former orphan train rider from The Hope of Azure Springs that realizes life is meant to be lived, not merely endured.

Friends- All of our lost souls have to learn about friendship as they struggle to make new lives for themselves.

George- Em lived under his roof, but who was he really?

Howells- The family that took in Em and who raised Eliza, Mae, and Milly who all play important roles.

Injuries- Em is brought into town when she’s shot, but she’s not the only one who ends up hurt.

Josephine- every good horse needs a name that fits.

Kissing- There’s love in the air!

Lucy- The sister that Em raised until they were separated on the orphan train.

Margaret- Boarding house owner who is a tad eccentric, outspoken, and my favorite character in both The Hope of Azure Springs and Yours Truly, Thomas.

Neighbors- some are lovely, others make life difficult.

Old maid- What Em expects to become.

Penny- Dead Letter Office employee from Yours Truly, Thomas who finds a letter she just can’t let die.

Questions- A friendly wager earns Caleb three questions that Em has to answer. These come in very handy as time goes on!

Reading- Em has always wanted to read but it’s not until late in her life that she learns how.

Sneaking bites of pie- read Yours Truly, Thomas and you’ll know the reference.

Thomas- The letter writer in Yours Truly, Thomas that has no idea what change his life will take when his letters go where all lost letters go.

Unlikely- Who would have thought that a letter could change so much for Thomas and Penny.

Villians- I won’t name names but not everyone in Azure Springs is benevolent.

Water- Honey, Penny’s dog has a serious liking for muddy water.

X– I have no idea! I don’t think anything started with an x and no one got x-rays or played the xylophone. (ha!)

Yours Truly, Thomas– Penny has always wanted a letter written to her with her name on it and signed with love.

Zeal, zest, zing- I’m sure there’s a way one of those ties in.

What else would you add?

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10 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Azure Springs

  1. My daughter, Becky Wade, is a Christian Fiction writer and this Christmas her Cheer Squad has a Merry Christbook Exchange. I received your book, “The Hope of Azure Springs” from Alysha who is a blog writer. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and you’ll be happy to know I laughed and cried! It is great to be introduced to writers that are new to me. As an added bonus, Alysha also sent me “Yours Truly, Thomas” so I have that book to look forward to reading!
    Best wishes on your writing journey!
    Suzy Clem

    1. No way! I LOVE Becky Wades books!!! Thanks so much for letting me know you liked it. What’ a perfect little Christmas gift. And Alysha is the sweetest.

  2. X- and x-cellent read!!! This is the first book since March that I couldn’t put down. I lost my joy Of reading. I lost focus. I’ve lost a job that brought me joy. Oh I still have the job, but it has become a difficult place to work. I’ve lost my normal. I’ve lost hope. My life is definitely not anything like Em’s, but I connected with her and I just loved her story and her happily ever after. What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for showing the kindness of others. I sure needed to escape to this wonderful little town. Thank you for sharing this little town with the rest of us!!

    1. This comment means so much to me. Life is hard right now for so many people. Keep going! There are brighter days ahead!!!

  3. I loved finding your books in my small town IOWA library. Growing up a “Little House on the Prairie” books fan made it a perfect fit for this rural IOWA girl. After 28 years living in Chicagoland… I returned to live in the beautiful Iowa countryside so your books speak straight to my heart. Great job!
    Connie S.

    1. Thank you, Connie! It’s always nice hearing from someone that lives in Iowa that the story worked. I love country living!

  4. I adore this! I have read “The Hope of Azure Springs” and oh, how it inspired me in my own life and in my aspiration to become a published author. I wish to read “Yours Truly, Thomas”, but have yet to have the pleasure ( 🙁 ).

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