Azure Springs is the location of both The Hope of Azure Springs and Yours Truly, Thomas. I have come to adore this tiny Iowa town that is full of heart and adventure, neighborly goodwill, and love. So I had some fun putting together an “ABC” list for Azure Springs! Hope you enjoy it, and comment to add any new ones you think of!

Azure Springs- The fictional location for both The Hope of Azure Springs and Yours Truly, Thomas.

Beauty- Something we all have to learn to define for ourselves (ask Caleb, he learns all about it).

Caleb- Handsome sheriff from The Hope of Azure Springs.

Dead Letter office- Penny works here for three years as she struggles to pay the bills.

Em- Former orphan train rider from The Hope of Azure Springs that realizes life is meant to be lived, not merely endured.

Friends- All of our lost souls have to learn about friendship as they struggle to make new lives for themselves.

George- Em lived under his roof, but who was he really?

Howells- The family that took in Em and who raised Eliza, Mae, and Milly who all play important roles.

Injuries- Em is brought into town when she’s shot, but she’s not the only one who ends up hurt.

Josephine- every good horse needs a name that fits.

Kissing- There’s love in the air!

Lucy- The sister that Em raised until they were separated on the orphan train.

Margaret- Boarding house owner who is a tad eccentric, outspoken, and my favorite character in both The Hope of Azure Springs and Yours Truly, Thomas.

Neighbors- some are lovely, others make life difficult.

Old maid- What Em expects to become.

Penny- Dead Letter Office employee from Yours Truly, Thomas who finds a letter she just can’t let die.

Questions- A friendly wager earns Caleb three questions that Em has to answer. These come in very handy as time goes on!

Reading- Em has always wanted to read but it’s not until late in her life that she learns how.

Sneaking bites of pie- read Yours Truly, Thomas and you’ll know the reference.

Thomas- The letter writer in Yours Truly, Thomas that has no idea what change his life will take when his letters go where all lost letters go.

Unlikely- Who would have thought that a letter could change so much for Thomas and Penny.

Villians- I won’t name names but not everyone in Azure Springs is benevolent.

Water- Honey, Penny’s dog has a serious liking for muddy water.

X– I have no idea! I don’t think anything started with an x and no one got x-rays or played the xylophone. (ha!)

Yours Truly, Thomas– Penny has always wanted a letter written to her with her name on it and signed with love.

Zeal, zest, zing- I’m sure there’s a way one of those ties in.

What else would you add?

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2 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Azure Springs

  1. My daughter, Becky Wade, is a Christian Fiction writer and this Christmas her Cheer Squad has a Merry Christbook Exchange. I received your book, “The Hope of Azure Springs” from Alysha who is a blog writer. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and you’ll be happy to know I laughed and cried! It is great to be introduced to writers that are new to me. As an added bonus, Alysha also sent me “Yours Truly, Thomas” so I have that book to look forward to reading!
    Best wishes on your writing journey!
    Suzy Clem

    1. No way! I LOVE Becky Wades books!!! Thanks so much for letting me know you liked it. What’ a perfect little Christmas gift. And Alysha is the sweetest.

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