I’m so excited — my publisher, Revell, has put out this great video trailer for my upcoming book, Yours Truly, Thomas which is being released this July! Check it out:

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4 thoughts on “Trailer for Yours Truly, Thomas

  1. I just finished Yours Truly, Thomas last night! I enjoyed this book! I’ve been typing old letters sent from my husband’s great uncle from 1900 – 1911, when he was stationed in the navy. I just noticed at the bottom of the envelope from the letter I read and typed last night, it says ” Letters mailed in this envelope, if not delivered will be sent to the DEAD LETTER OFFICE unless the writer gives a return address on the other side”. At the top of the envelope it reads Army and Navy Department…. I was so surprised to see this after just finishing your book! I had never heard of this office or noticed this note before on an envelope. God works these things out!

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