We have a lazy tom cat that likes to sit on our back porch. He has a cushioned bench that is all his own and the kids feed him pretty much any time they notice his bowl is empty. We all love this cat. He’s the perfect cat in many ways. He doesn’t expect a lot of attention but will take it when it comes. He’s never underfoot but you can find him easy if you want him. He’s a gorgeous orange and white with kind eyes. He’s been living out the last three years or is it four (hmmm) of his life on our porch and we’d like him to stay there until he’s nice and old.

Recently two big ole’ raccoons have decided that the cat food looks pretty tempting. We’ve tried to teach the kids to not feed the cat at night in an effort to keep the raccoons away but they are bold little scavengers and just walk on over during the day.

My husband finds these little thieves particularly bothersome. If he is home when they crawl up the porch steps he shouts and chases them. But they just come back! It’s like they are mocking him and they peer from their branches on the tree and as soon as we go back inside they scurry on down and come back.

I find them obnoxious. I really do, even if they do have cute faces. I’m not sure what to do about them but the one bit of pleasure I’m finding in the whole thing is that Tyler gets so fired up about them. It’s hilarious. It’s the funniest feud ever. I’m pretty sure he thinks the raccoons have a personal vendetta against him. So far, though, the raccoons are winning.

This had nothing to do with my books but here’s the thing — I’m a writer. It’s great fun. But the vast majority of my days are filled with little mundane things like raccoons and laundry so sometimes I just have to blog about them!

But wait. . . I’ve had the brilliant idea of having a character that can’t figure out how to get rid of raccoons. Hmmmm. . . Could be fun.

So basically this was brainstorming.

I love it when real life gets mixed into my books.

And now you just got to see the random way little ideas pop in my head.

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2 thoughts on “Tyler Versus the Raccoon

  1. That is hilarious! My mother in law feeds a stray cat on her back porch and sure enough a raccoon took over the food bowl. But she didn’t mind then the raccoon had babies and she would come to the back porch with her babies in tow! Sadly they stopped coming around. Hope they didn’t get eaten by coyotes

  2. Raccoons are incredibly cute! I think that might be the only reason Tyler hasn’t just let them have it! Just kidding he’s the gentlest man ever. He’s all talk and the raccoons know it!!!

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