Yours Truly, Thomas has officially hit shelves! In my recent newsletter I asked for ideas of ways to celebrate this book’s release. Some of my readers are so creative!!! I loved reading all the responses.

Here’s how release day ended up going:

Tyler snuck out for work letting me snooze a little extra long. Unfortunately Walter (my 3 year old) didn’t get the memo and was by the side of my bed asking me questions by seven so we got up and going. I got Adele (my 9 year old) to help with breakfast and I sat down for a minute and responded to a million emails and messages. Then we carried on like normal for most of the morning– reading time, chores, and of course Legos. The oldest (13) decided a nerf battle would be a great idea and it was, until it wasn’t.

It was drizzly outside or I would have sent them to jump on the trampoline and get their wiggles out. Instead I gave them building challenges and that was a hit, until it wasn’t. Mid-day I opened the door to a delivery of flowers from a sweet friend that knew my book released. We all admired those and took turns smelling them.

I had two boxes of apricots on the counter that I knew would be bad before long so we made three batches of jam together and had a great time doing it. The weather was a little better so Garret took the two littles on an adventure in the woods and I cleaned up the jam mess. Then I snuck in some time to respond to more messages (so many kind messages from friends and fans).

Heading out on an adventure!

Tyler called and said he’d take care of dinner and was bringing home ice cream to celebrate. I hung out at a Facebook book party while he fixed food (he’s the best cook ever). Then we all ate ice cream together.

As you can see nothing elaborate this time around but it was a good day spent with the people I love and this is the longest thing I’ve typed all day! I LOVE writing books. I find the release of a book to be thrilling and nerve wracking and fun. But it’s still nothing in comparison to these amazing people I get to call my own!

Yours Truly, Thomas is available wherever books are sold! Help me celebrate by picking up a copy and sharing a story that I loved writing.

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