I’m so excited for the new cover of my next book, Yours Truly, Thomas. I think it’ll be up on Amazon and other places pretty soon (technically it’s listed there already but without a picture).

This book is stand alone but it passes through Azure Springs and has many of the characters from The Hope of Azure Springs pass through it. Penny is our lead and she works at the Dead Letter Office in Washington DC. I just think that would have been the neatest job–reading letters and trying to get them where they were meant to go.

Penny doesn’t always think it’s exciting but I guess after years of doing it, it might get old. There were so many pieces of trivia I wanted to put in this book that I wasn’t able to. But I think if you’re like me you’ll find the details that made the cut very interesting.

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5 thoughts on “Yours Truly, Thomas

  1. I JUST finished The Hope of Azure Springs!!! You are an amazing writer! I couldn’t put the book down!!! I so enjoyed reading Em’s story! Through tears and smiles- was awesome all the way through! Like your first book- this is a beautiful cover too! I’m excited to read your next book!

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